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As your baby grows throughout their first year (it goes so quickly!) they will evolve from a tiny sleepy newborn that just wants to cuddle, feed and sleep, into a cheeky baby full of personality and wonder!

From 6 - 12 mths your baby will constantly develop new skills and begin to explore the world around them. It such a special time and they begin to crawl and even walk! 

Capturing your little one's milestones with professional photographs is a beautiful way to look back years from now and remember the way they giggled and scrunched up their nose, the way they crawled sideways and loved to pull things apart!


A baby or sitter milestone session is super fun and full of action! Especially if they are on the move! The photos we get are super cute with crinkled noses, gummy smiles and sometimes even bubbles! 

We will work together to design your perfect session and if Bub was a newborn client, we can even use the same props to style the session so you have beautiful comparison images from each of their visits.

Your baby will be the focus of the day but come prepared to jump in some photos too! Siblings are also welcomed to come along, not only for photos, but to provide older brother/sister entertainment for your babe! Because of course, they are the best at it!

I have a broad selection of outfits, props and items to style your baby's session so you don't need to worry. Older siblings will usually receive a 'prize' at the end of the session for their help and co-operation so please let me know their names/ages!

A week or two after your session, you will be invited back to the studio for your image reveal. This is by far the most exciting and emotional part of the experience.

I will walk you through options on printing and help you create a gorgeous display from your images. 


Due to the short time that babies have their 'happy play time' your baby/sitter session will usually only be around 30min - 1hr. Of course there is no limit on the time so as long as they are happy, I'll keep shooting!


I guarantee a minimum of 30 images. All of your images are professionally retouched and print ready when you come to your reveal. 


I am confident that you will love your images so there is NO minimum purchase!

You could spend a few hundred on prints or invest in a wall art collection. It all depends on your budget and what you want from your photos. Typical investment from clients is between $1000 and $2000. Payment plans are available upon request.


Yes! Digital images can be purchased either in packages or on a sliding scale depending on your product investment. A full comprehensive Package and Product List will be sent to you upon enquiring. You can get in touch HERE.


If you would like more information about a baby/sitter session with me,

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xx Krystle

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